Bylaws of the Association Pro ISSI

(translated version of the German text, which is legally binding)

Name and Registered Office

Article 1
Under the name of "Pro ISSI" an association with its registered offices in Bern exists according to Art. 60 et sqq. of the Swiss Civil Code.


Article 2
The Association supports the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in Bern by
- public relations activities in Switzerland for space research in general and the Institute specifically
- hosting of meetings at the Institute for its members, interested persons, and representatives of public media
- publishing the magazine SPATIUM

The Association pursues non-profit oriented objectives in the frame of basic research without the aim of acquiring own capital.


Article 3
Members of the Association can become:
- individuals in the form of individual members
- scientific institutions in the form of collective members
- corporations in the form of collective members

The Board shall decide on the acceptance of new members.

Article 4
The board is able to resign a member from the Association if the member even after a written request doesn't fulfill his duty.

The President decides in case of conflicts in the last instance.

Article 5
Any personal liability of the Association's members shall be excluded.


Article 6
The Association's bodies are:
a) the Assembly
b) the Board
c) the Auditors

The Assembly

Article 7
The Assembly
- elects the members of the Board
- confirms the Auditors
- decides on the approval of the annual account and the annual report as well as membership fees and the calculation for the subsequent year.
- decides on revisions of the bylaws and the dissolution of the Association

The Assembly is held at least once a year.

The Board

Article 8
The Board consists of 3 to 6 members, who are elected for terms of two years. The Board constitutes itself. It consists of at least the President, a Vice-President, a secretary, and a treasurer.

Article 9
The President or a member of the Board delegated by the President represents the Association in the Board of Trustees of the International Space Science Institute.

Article 10
The Board decides on the measures required to fulfill the Association's purpose. It can set up sub-commissions including members outside the Board to address specific tasks.


Article 11
The Assembly decides on the auditing principles and the Auditors.

Duration and Dissolution

Article 12
The duration of the Association is unlimited.

Upon decision of dissolution the Association's free financial assets shall be transferred to an institution of similar purpose.

Coming into Force

Article 13
The present bylaws replace the bylaws of 8 November 2001 and enter into force upon approval by the Assembly on 28 October 2008.

Bern, 28 October 2008


The President:
Klaus Pretzl

The Treasurer:
Hanspeter Schneiter