Workshops are selected by the ISSI Directors in consultation with the Science Committee. The programs and speakers are defined by a group of highly qualified experts serving as convenors. The Workshops of a week duration (in exceptional cases repeated) can be attended by 40-45 invited scientists and experts. The results of the Workshops are published as refereed papers in issues of Space Science Reviews and in parallel as volumes of the Space Science Series of ISSI (SSSI).

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23-27 March 2020 Heliosphere Local Interstellar Medium Interaction R. von Steiger, A. Bykov
20-24 May 2019 Star Formation > A. Bykov
15-18 April 2019 Natural and Man-Made Hazards Monitoring by the Sentinel and Other Earth Observation Missions > A. Cazenave, T. Lopez

Previous Workshops




12-16 November 2018 Understanding the Diversity of Planetary Atmospheres (in Collaboration with Europlanet) > O. Korablev, J. Venturini
22-26 October 2018 Reading Terrestrial Planet Evolution in Isotopes and Element Measurements (in Collaboration with Europlanet) > H. Lammer
8-12 October 2018 Using Tidal Disruption Events to Study Super-Massive Black Holes > P. Jonker, M. Falanga
6-10 August 2018 Auroral Physics > D. Knudsen, R. von Steiger
18-22 June 2018

ExoOceans: Space Exploration of the Outer Solar System Icy Moons Oceans (in Collaboration with ESSC-ESF) >

R. Rodrigo, A. Coustenis
5-9 March 2018 Understanding the Relationship between Coastal Sea Level and Large-Scale Ocean Circulation > A. Cazenave, T. Lopez
5-9 February 2018 Role of Sample Return in Addressing Major Outstanding Questions in Planetary Sciences (in Collaboration with Europlanet) > M. Anand, M. Blanc
15-19 January 2018 Comets: Post 67P Perspectives (in Collaboration with MiARD) > R. Rodrigo, N. Thomas
20-24 November 2017 Clusters of Galaxies: Physics and Cosmology > A. Bykov
6-9 November 2017

Space-Based Measurement of Forest Properties for Carbon Cycle Research >

A. Cazenave, T. Lopez
21- 25 November 2016 Exploring the Earth's Ecosystems on a Global Scale: Requirements, Capabilities and Directions in Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy > A. Cazenave,
N. Champollion
31 October - 4 November 2016 Cosmic Dust from the Lab to the Stars >

R. Rodrigo, V. Sterken,
J. Zarnecki

3-7 October 2016 Supernovae > A. Bykov
27 June - 1 July 2016 The Scientific Foundation of Space Weather > R. von Steiger
8-12 February 2016 Shallow Clouds, Water Vapor, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity > A. Cazenave,
N. Champollion
11 - 15 January 2016 The Delivery of Water to Proto-planets, Planets and Satellites > M. Blanc
30 November - 4 December 2015 ISSI / HISPAC: High Performance Clocks, with Special Emphasis on Geodesy and Geophysics and Applications to Other Bodies of the Solar System > R. Rodrigo
16-20 November 2015

Jets and Winds in Pulsar Wind Nebulae, Gamma-ray Bursts and Blazars: Physics of Extreme Energy Release >

A. Bykov
18-22 May 2015 Earth Magnetic Field: Understanding Sources from the Earth's Interior and its Environment > R. von Steiger,
C. Stolle
16-20 February 2015 Dust Devils on Mars and Earth > J. Zarnecki
2-6 February 2015 Integrative Study of Sea Level Budget > A. Cazenave,
N. Champollion
12-16 January 2015 Solar Magnetic Fields > R. von Steiger
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